Thursday, May 22, 2008

a little extra protein

i'm pretty sure antonio ate an ant the other day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

what would Mary do?

that's right. not what would Jesus do, but what would Mary do.

the past 6-8 weeks have been very challenging. antonio has been waking at night, then refusing to sleep in his bed. he doesn't take a bottle at daycare anymore. it all makes for a somewhat cranky baby who only wants to be held.

when he was a newborn, i didn't mind the sleep deprivation so much. i could nap when he napped. but now, he's almost a year old. he's awake 10 hours during the day, not asleep 10 hours during the day. i also have to go to work.

the sleep regression, the clingy-ness, the trouble's all catching up to me. i find myself getting very frustrated and weepy, sometimes more than once a day. i have moments where i feel like i'm not cut out for this. it's hard. once the moment passes, the guilt at having those thoughts is even worse.

i needed to do something. i decided to turn to Mary. when antonio is crying about being put in his bed or screaming and refusing to eat, i think to myself "what would Mary do".

Mary is a mother too. she gave birth to our Lord, she raised Him, and she had to watch Him die on a cross to save us. and she did it all without questioning God. she accepted God's call and put her complete trust in Him.

so when i get flustered and feel the exhaustion getting to me, i say a few Hail Marys and ask for her grace. if anyone can help, she can. God gave me antonio in order to raise him to be one of His children. so just as Mary accepted God's call for her, i ask for Mary's intercession to help me live out God's call for me. to get through the tougher moments without doubting. to trust in God completely that this is His plan.