Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a little disturbing

i was changing antonio's diaper the other day and was a little disturbed by the picture on it.

is it just me or does it look like ernie has been eating alice b. toklas brownies?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

things i've learned so far

motherhood has taught me so much already. for example:
- there is no such thing as dinner time. sure enough as soon as we sit down, antonio decides he MUST eat. i guess he feels left out.
- there is no such thing as a quick errand.
- drying my hair is a thing of the past. i'm lucky i can shower at all, or even brush my teeth some days.
- "pregnancy brain" doesn't go away after having the baby. the other day i put bread crumbs away in the fridge and i walked out of the house with the baby without his car seat.
- just when you think your heart is going to burst with love, your son does something else that makes you love him even more.

and much, MUCH more...

first movie

antonio has officially seen his first movie!! we decided to take a chance and go see harry potter 5. the movie was sooo good, though so much had to be left out because the book is so long. antonio slept through most of it. he only decided to be awake the last 30 minutes so i walked around with him along the side of the theater to keep him happy. i'm so blessed...i have the best baby!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

twinkle toes

i confess i am addicted to "so you think you can dance". i think i watch every episode at least 3 times before i delete it from the tivo. i really enjoy my thursday and friday mornings now because i put on the show and antonio and i dance around the living room. we're nowhere near as good as the people on the show obviously, but we have lots of fun. he LOVES to dance. i think his favorite so far is krumping. and this morning he was smiling like crazy while i moved his pudgy little arms and legs while he was in his bouncer. sooo cute!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

what's your superpower?

it's been almost 5 weeks since antonio was born and motherhood is amazing! every day i love my son more and more and i love watching how he's already growing into his own little person. i admit, it was much tougher at the beginning than i thought it'd be, but it is more than worth it. every day antonio is alert a little more, smiles a little more, looks right at me a little more. i don't think there are enough words to describe how being a mother makes you feel. and i have to admit, one of my favorite things is the feeling i get when all he wants is to be held, but only by me. it's like some sort of mommy superpower, the ability to be the only one who can calm him, to be the only one he wants sometimes. i revel in every moment of it.