Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bad Catholic

is it wrong of me to have thoroughly enjoyed not having to fast this year? there are definitely some perks to being pregnant (aside from having this wonderful little person growing inside of you).

this is off topic from the title of the post, but i saw my belly move the other night!! it was the coolest and weirdest thing i've ever experienced! it was so cool to SEE that there's someone in there, yet it almost grossed me out at the same time. it felt like the scene from spaceballs (yes, i know it's a rip off from alien, but i like the movie spaceballs better) where the little alien comes out of the dude's stomach at the diner and does a little song and dance. i just sat there and laughed at my stomach for 10 minutes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i confess...

i don't get my eyebrows waxed on a regular basis. and yes, i have dark, somewhat thick eyebrows. and obviously i don't care.

so why is it that every time i go to get a manicure, whoever is doing it gives me the third degree on why i don't get them done. it's none of their freakin' business! and, why would you tell an obviously pregnant lady that she has bushy eyebrows?! i just wanted to reach across the table and pull out her eyebrows hairs with my bare hands. and then of course, i wanted to cry. (gotta love the emotional rollercoaster of having out of control hormones.)

i have more important things to do with my life than worry about the shape of my eyebrows. so just leave it alone!! i'm not paying for your opinion on my eyebrows, i'm paying you to PAINT MY NAILS!!! this must be part of the reason why i don't get my nails done very often.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

going nowhere

andres and i came to the decision over the weekend that we will not be moving to baltimore this summer. we have decided to stay here in atlanta for a while longer. while we are disappointed that we have again had to postpone moving closer to family and friends, it is probably the best decision for our growing family. trying to get the house in order and selling it now has proven to be more stressful than we had anticipated. and the prospect of having to move at least twice within just a few months of our son's birth is too much. it's not fair to him. we want to really enjoy this time of preparation and enjoy being parents for the first time after the birth of our son. by staying here, we can also start to prepare our little cookie monster's nursery. andres can also focus on his schoolwork during his last semester. so, though it was a tough decision to postpone moving, it's for the best.

Monday, February 05, 2007

sad times

it's reading articles like this that make me want to adopt the thinking in the movie "the village". let's just go off in the middle of nowhere and create a little community that doesn't buy into all the bull of today's society.

don't you just love how they call it the cervical cancer vaccine? let's call the kettle black a moment and tell everyone what it REALLY is, a vaccine for genital warts. that's right, genital warts. sounds gross, but that's what it is. it's those nasty pictures that we all had to look at in sex ed. it's just been all twisted and everyone wants to make it sound better by calling it HPV and now let's just call it cancer. let's face it folks, it's warts.

and, let's not start saying that genital warts causes cancer just to scare everyone. sure, it increases your RISK of developing cancer, but it is not the same as cancer. these people must have done really poorly in geometry and the transitive property. A does not equal B in this case.

just had to vent. i really could go off a lot more on this topic, but i'm rather hormonal and i would rather not include the several choice words i'm really thinking. definitely makes me worry about what sort of crap doctors will be trying to brainwash us with when my son is a teenager.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

cookie monster

i've come to the conclusion that, unlike his father, my son loves cookies. chips ahoy in particular. every time i eat a couple of them (it's never just one!), our little bean starts jumping around like crazy. i know it's not the healthiest habit, but sometimes i eat the cookies only to feel him move more. i hope this means that he doesn't take after his father and actually LIKES chocolate.