Tuesday, February 13, 2007

going nowhere

andres and i came to the decision over the weekend that we will not be moving to baltimore this summer. we have decided to stay here in atlanta for a while longer. while we are disappointed that we have again had to postpone moving closer to family and friends, it is probably the best decision for our growing family. trying to get the house in order and selling it now has proven to be more stressful than we had anticipated. and the prospect of having to move at least twice within just a few months of our son's birth is too much. it's not fair to him. we want to really enjoy this time of preparation and enjoy being parents for the first time after the birth of our son. by staying here, we can also start to prepare our little cookie monster's nursery. andres can also focus on his schoolwork during his last semester. so, though it was a tough decision to postpone moving, it's for the best.

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