Monday, March 01, 2010

rite of passage?

mondays are usually quiet days around here. i use it as a day to just spend time with the kids, catch up on laundry, get some cleaning done, get myself ready for my work week starting tuesday. being quiet days, i don't usually make much effort in getting ready. jeans, sweatshirt, glasses, no make-up.

today i made a little more effort. we had some errands to run this morning. i was actually pretty proud of myself. put in my contacts, put on make-up, picked out what i thought was a kind of cute/put together outfit.

i ran my errands with confidence, happy feeling that i didn't look like the stereotypical mom. that i looked more like a put-together mom that i often see out and about and wonder how they pull it off. the kids were great, we were efficient with our errands, and it was a happy morning overall.

then i got home and realized my shoes didn't match. they weren't even the same color.

who looks like a frazzled mom now?