Monday, December 24, 2007

paper or plastic?

we've cheated and let antonio open a few presents a little early this year. it's been so much sitting him down with a present in front of him and watch his little face look up at us saying "now what?". it took a few tries, but he's gotten really good at ripping the paper open. of course, once he rips open the paper it goes straight to his mouth. he actually cries when you take it away from him. i was talking with a woman at the bookstore and she said to me "oh, but don't let him eat the paper because it's toxic". and i thought to myself, these days, i don't know if the toys are any better!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

bearing gifts

to keep up with antonio's appetite, i've starting pumping in the mornings. monday morning, i set antonio down on his back in his activity gym, surrounded by his toys. then i get myself set up. it's been a couple minutes and i look over at antonio, who is all of 10 feet away from me. well, much to my surprise i see that my son is quite contentedly chewing away on....the dog bone. i guess cornflower felt like sharing and brought the bone over for him to play with it. and the worst part is, i actually hesitated and pondered whether i should just let him chew on it another minute so i could finish pumping. he looked happy enough and he actually looked kind of cute. but don't worry, i quickly realized that letting your infant son chew a nylabone is not such a great idea.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Big Smile

This morning when I went in to wish Antonio a good day and say goodbye, he suprised me with a huge smile. I had expected him to be asleep as he normally is. It was like he purposefully had woken up and had been waiting for me to come to his room. It was definitely a good start to the day.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

a very merry unbirthday

happy 6 months antonio!!

i can't believe my baby boy is already halfway to his first birthday. the time has flown by. every day he seems to do something new as he grows into his own little person. i miss the days when he was just a few days old, but i look forward to what he'll do tomorrow.