Thursday, October 08, 2009


1. I got all the kids' fall clothes out and washed, finally. Poor Julia Belén hasn't had clean pants and we had some chilly mornings. It was past due. (Of course the clothes being clean doesn't necessarily mean that they are put away).

2. Our refrigerator broke yesterday. The day before I told Andres that I thought there was something wrong with it. But of course it waits to officially break (and hence turn our ice cream into soup) until the day Andres leaves to go out of town for a night, and he almost never travels for work. I managed to call someone to come look at it, make the decision that the cost of fixing it was not worth the repair (it is always breaking), and go out and buy a new fridge on my own.

3. Andres went out of town and I actually cooked dinner for the kids. Anyone who knows me well should know that whenever Andres is gone, I order enough take-out to last me the whole time he's gone. I like the break of not having to cook. But since we just came up with a very realistic plan to pay off one of our big credit cards in only 6 months, I really need to stick to our budget.