Thursday, April 30, 2009

1. All 3 bathroom in our house were clean at the same time.

2. We made strawberry jam from the strawberries we picked over the weekend.

3. I went out shopping and when I got back I was 100% honest in telling Andrés what I spent. If you know me, and my shopping obsession, it's actually kind of a big deal for me. Especially when I had my eye on several little strawberry outfits for the baby. Telling him exactly what I spent meant a) I did not put it on the credit card that's only in my name (long story on how that even exists) and b) I did not go crazy spending. I know to get past my shopping habits, and thus get one step closer to being a stay at home mom, I have to have a change in mindset. Would Antonio look really cute in (another) embroidered shirt? Yes. But does he really need it? No.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CSI: Suwanee

I enter into the nursery once I hear Antonio is up from his nap.

My first clue that Antonio may have gotten into trouble: his hair is C.R.A.Z.Y. I mean, totally wild. But it looked cute, so I didn't think much of it.

I notice that the room smells different. Not a bad smell. Almost an herbal, aromatherapy type smell. Hmmm...

As I cross the room to his bed, I see bits of torn paper all over the floor leading to a small fancy bath soap that now has small teeth marks. I don't know when Antonio got a hold of that decorative soap nor where he had it stashed. Oh, but that is not the only "crime".

I get closer to Antonio and notice white fingerprints all over the windowsill and his black bed. The herbal smell I noticed before seems to get stronger. I realize Antonio has a white paste all over his clothes, his face, and his hair.

Apparently, I have underestimated my son's climbing abilities. Someone got the diaper cream off the top of the dresser, unscrewed the lid, and proceeded to finger paint all over the window and himself.

Case closed.

Half full or half empty?

The good thing about really getting behind on laundry is that there were already clean pajamas in our room when Julia Belén spit up everywhere in our bed in the middle of the night last night. No need to risk going into the kids' room and waking up Antonio.

The bad thing about getting really behind on laundry is that the clean pajamas were on the bottom of a pile of laundry 3 loads of clothes deep. Which meant the somewhat neat pile of laundry relatively confined to the basket turned into clean clothes all over our bedroom floor in search for clean pajamas.

Next time maybe she'll just sleep in spit-up covered pajamas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1. Went strawberry picking with the kids on Monday and took the opportunity to do a small lesson on colors with Antonio. I will post about it soon.
2. We continue to handle Antonio's tantrums without squabbling between ourselves. I know it was one of my small successes from last week, but if you have kids, you know how easy it is to lose patience amongst the crying and screaming.
3. We harvested our first few vegetables from the garden, some radishes and some lettuce. They were so delicious and I'm so proud of Andrés for all the hard work he's put into it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. Spent a beautiful Easter weekend full of egg hunts and time with dear friends. They are like family to us.
2. I delight in Antonio speaking Spanish. He recently learned the word "huevo" over Easter.
3. We are surviving Antonio's tantrums with great patience and calm.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


1. We had our beautiful Julia Belén baptized.
2. I pulled together a yummy taco soup the day we got home from DC using the stuff I had in my pantry. Usually we have Ramen whenever we come back from vacation.
3. Antonio and I made pretzels from scratch for Lent.