Thursday, January 28, 2010

small successes, is it friday yet...


1. i finally got back into our weekly menu planning and stuck to it. with all the traveling we did between november and january, it was hard to make a plan and stick to it. i really missed the menu planning. thinking of what to make for dinner on a daily basis was harder than i remembered. having the weekly menu again has been sooo nice.

2. i took the kids to 9:00 Mass last friday morning. being the anniversary of roe v. wade, i really wanted to go to pray for those millions of babies whose lives were taken because of the decision. it was no small feat. i felt sabotaged every step of friday morning. but we made it.

3. i went to work this morning. every shred of me wants to be a stay at home mom, and to say i was unmotivated this morning is an understatement. but i do have a responsibility to fulfill, so i went.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

small successes, marathon edition


1. i completed my first half marathon this past saturday!!  hardest. coldest. craziest. stupidest. best. worst. awesome. all words which went through my mind during the long 13.1 miles to describe the experience. i am so blessed to have had the support of my family throughout the whole thing. it wasn't easy, but i did it!

2. we went on a family vacation to disneyworld and had a wonderful time! being so far from family, our vacations usually consist of going to visit. which we love doing, but it was nice to go on a vacation that was just for us. sometimes it's hard for me to step back and sort out the things that really need to get done and the things that don't. but putting our family first this time resulted in an unforgettable trip and we will always cherish the memories.

3. i made my lunch this week and didn't have to pick up fast food somewhere. this is a struggle for me because i get lazy about making my lunch the night before, but those lunches can add up and we are trying to pay off our debt.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

i guess i'll eat some worms

while in virginia for our christmas vacation, we went out to dinner with the family to an italian retaurant. part of the appetizer we ordered included fried calamari. upon the plate being brought to the table, antonio begged for some of the calamari. not wanting to discourage him in trying new foods, i gave him a piece. but he insisted on one of the pieces that had the tentacles.

"okay," i thought to myself, "if that's what he wants".

i gave him the calamari. he promptly turned it around with tentacles down, and announced to the table "araña" (spider). but the funniest part was that he then promptly picked it up and took a huge bite, even though he had just told us it was a spider!

later on, when his spaghetti was brought out, he announced that it was "gusanos" (worms). which he devoured.

i wonder what goes through his little mind, thinking that his parents feed him spiders and worms.