Friday, September 22, 2006

Fall-like Weather and Football

These last two days we have woken up to crisp fall-like weather. Definitely feels very nice, since this was an exceptionally hot summer. We would love to live somewhere that has weather like this for longer periods than you get in Atlanta.

Last night Julia and I went to the Virginia – Georgia Tech game. We had a blast, just wish that Virginia had represented itself better than they did. The only good thing was that we at least saw them put some points on the board, and were able to sing the “Good Ol’ Song” with the other Virginia fans that were sitting near us.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Recent Studies on Global Warming

Yesterday I came across a speech given by Al Gore on the recent discoveries on global warming. Here is the link to his speech:

Al Gore, Sep. 18, 2006, NYU Law School.

He states how the American Institute of Architecture and the National Conference of Mayors have endorsed the "2030 Challenge," asking the global architecture and building community to immediately transform building design to require that all new buildings and developments be designed to use one half the fossil fuel energy they would typically consume for each building type, and that all new buildings be carbon neutral by 2030, using zero fossil fuels to operate.

I find what he said to be very moving, and an eye opener to what our situation really is, and how we need to start changes now or it will be too late for our children to have a chance.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Agua de violetas

Last night we went to a Shakira concert. It was an awesome show; the music was great, the people were fun. We really had a great time.

Besides a good soccer game, there may be nothing else that gathers so many hispanics as a Shakira concert. As we were approaching the door to enter Phillips arena, amidst the throngs of other hispanics, I was reminded of how us hispanics love to bathe ourselves in cologne and perfume. I guess it's something we're taught from birth, being "baptized" daily in agua de violetas (maybe that's just a Cuban thing). Even one of my preschool students in CCD last year came wearing cologne every week. And no, it was not rubbed off from his dad. I guarantee you they put cologne on their son. And as much as the overdosing on perfumes and colognes bothers my nose somtimes, I am just as guilty. I admit, I LOVE wearing perfume. I work with kids that tend to hypersensitive to different smells so unfortunately I can't wear any to work. But I love picking out which perfume to wear when we go out. And you better believe that my kids too will be "bathed" in agua de violetas. I still love the smell of it.

Monday, September 04, 2006


We spent this past Labor Day weekend in Panama City Beach visiting Abuelita Gladys. We weren't really looking forward to travelling on the holiday weekend (and we did spend an extra hour and half in the car on our way home because of the traffic), but it was really nice to get away for the weekend. We spent Saturday on the beach and drinking frozen drinks, going to the dog track, and Sunday we spent on my uncle's boat looking for sand dollars and swimming with dolphins. It was a great weekend. We got some much needed time to ourselves, and got to spend time catching up with the family. It's amazing what you can pack into two short days away from home.