Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Agua de violetas

Last night we went to a Shakira concert. It was an awesome show; the music was great, the people were fun. We really had a great time.

Besides a good soccer game, there may be nothing else that gathers so many hispanics as a Shakira concert. As we were approaching the door to enter Phillips arena, amidst the throngs of other hispanics, I was reminded of how us hispanics love to bathe ourselves in cologne and perfume. I guess it's something we're taught from birth, being "baptized" daily in agua de violetas (maybe that's just a Cuban thing). Even one of my preschool students in CCD last year came wearing cologne every week. And no, it was not rubbed off from his dad. I guarantee you they put cologne on their son. And as much as the overdosing on perfumes and colognes bothers my nose somtimes, I am just as guilty. I admit, I LOVE wearing perfume. I work with kids that tend to hypersensitive to different smells so unfortunately I can't wear any to work. But I love picking out which perfume to wear when we go out. And you better believe that my kids too will be "bathed" in agua de violetas. I still love the smell of it.

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