Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you've probably figured it out...

if you read andres' post about the kick, then you probably have figured out that IT'S A BOY!! the weather held out and we were able to make it to the ultrasound without any trouble. everything looks good, our little boy was moving all over and playing peek-a-boo. it was such an amazing moment. it still seems surreal to me (us) sometimes.

my parents just happened to be passing through atlanta the day of the ultrasound so they were when we found out. andres and i were in such shock during the ultrasound at seeing our baby. but when the technician moved the wand and no one was really saying anything, my mom was the first to exclaim "it's a boy!"

it was such a wonderful moment seeing our son, i didn't want it to end. it's been a lot of fun picking out stuff for the nursery keeping our SON in mind. we'll post some photos of things we've picked out soon.

it's a boy!! all we need now is to decide on a name!


Last night was the first time that I definitely felt our son kick. Julia has been able to for a while now, but up until last night, I was never truly sure if it was just my pulse, Julia's pulse or the baby that I was feeling. But last night there was no question. I was so excited, and truly amazed. He started kicking a ton after that first kick, as if to make sure that I knew it was him.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun Game

So I've set up a little game where you can guess the baby's sex, weight, day/time of arrival and so forth. I'd love to see what everyone's guesses are. Though anyone who wishes me a 10 pound baby is no longer my friend. Have fun!

Guess Baby Stell's Height and Weight (and more)

The person who wins gets to pick the name! Heheh...


figures that the one day this year that there is snow in the forecast for atlanta is the day i have my ultrasound scheduled. i don't care if the dogs need to learn how to pull a sled, we are going to that ultrasound!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The countdown

Only 3 more days until our big ultrasound! I can hardly contain myself! I can't really think of anything else to say because I'm just so excited!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007


I debated on whether or not to post a belly picture, but decided to go ahead. My belly isn't that big yet, but I am wearing maternity clothes almost exclusively. It's just so much more comfortable! Anyways, here is Baby Stell 18 and a half weeks. We find out the sex on Thursday! Only 6 more days!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why I do it

Sometimes I get very frustrated with my job, whether one of my kiddos has a total meltdown or I get buried in paperwork. But there are definitely days that have moments that make me smile and help me remember why I do this.

On Tuesday I was working on skipping with one my kiddos who is autistic. He usually does pretty well with it but I hadn't seen him in a few weeks and he just didn't feel like skipping. He was getting very frustrated with me (and I thought he was going to hit me like he is often known to do) but instead he turned around, gave me a really mean look, and yelled at the top of his lungs "spaghetti!". It was so hard not to laugh in his face. I still laugh out loud when I think back to it.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Summer of Baby Stell

We may need to change the name of our blog, as bigger things are going on this summer than the dog's rehab. We're having a baby! Some of you may have already heard through all the grapevines, but our baby is due on June 9, 2007! We are sooo excited! We plan on finding out the sex in a couple weeks so we'll post it on the blog (we will try very hard to keep more up to date on the blog) First trimester morning sickness wasn't awful, but definitely happy that it's over. Julia is now really excited about her growing belly starting to show (AND getting to buy new clothes!). Andres is excited about becoming a dad and likes doing research on strollers. He even wants to find (or invent) a pack 'n play that's iPod ready!

We feel so blessed to have been given such a wonderful gift and we are so happy to be able to share it with all of our friends and family!