Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you've probably figured it out...

if you read andres' post about the kick, then you probably have figured out that IT'S A BOY!! the weather held out and we were able to make it to the ultrasound without any trouble. everything looks good, our little boy was moving all over and playing peek-a-boo. it was such an amazing moment. it still seems surreal to me (us) sometimes.

my parents just happened to be passing through atlanta the day of the ultrasound so they were when we found out. andres and i were in such shock during the ultrasound at seeing our baby. but when the technician moved the wand and no one was really saying anything, my mom was the first to exclaim "it's a boy!"

it was such a wonderful moment seeing our son, i didn't want it to end. it's been a lot of fun picking out stuff for the nursery keeping our SON in mind. we'll post some photos of things we've picked out soon.

it's a boy!! all we need now is to decide on a name!

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