Saturday, August 02, 2008

the perfect little family?

we are excited announce that we found out we are having a baby girl!! antonio is going to have a little sister!

as we've told people the exciting news, they've all been very excited for us as well. many times, immediately after being told congratulations, people say, "now you have a little pair". or, "one of each, what a perfect little family". it's amazing to me that so many people assume that we are done having kids because we already have one of each. or how people think the only reason others keep having children is to get at least one of each gender.

a friend of mine was leaving the gym with her 3 children: the oldest a boy, a 3-year-old girl, and a newborn baby girl. a complete stranger came over to dote on the baby and actually asked (about the newborn) "is she your mistake?"

like i said, i have just been amazed. we certainly plan on having more kids if we are fortunate enough to be blessed with more children. we may even have 2 "little pairs" eventually. maybe antonio will be our only boy. or maybe his sister will have only brothers. whatever we are given, we will be more than happy to receive. but it certainly will not be because of some societal quota.