Thursday, April 23, 2009

1. Went strawberry picking with the kids on Monday and took the opportunity to do a small lesson on colors with Antonio. I will post about it soon.
2. We continue to handle Antonio's tantrums without squabbling between ourselves. I know it was one of my small successes from last week, but if you have kids, you know how easy it is to lose patience amongst the crying and screaming.
3. We harvested our first few vegetables from the garden, some radishes and some lettuce. They were so delicious and I'm so proud of Andrés for all the hard work he's put into it.


Carol said...

I really love your "Small Successes" feature. Great perspective!

Marisa said...

Yummy, radishes...the fraggles will be happy.

Kate Loves Hats said...

I have to say, I truly enjoyed the radishes :)