Wednesday, December 12, 2007

bearing gifts

to keep up with antonio's appetite, i've starting pumping in the mornings. monday morning, i set antonio down on his back in his activity gym, surrounded by his toys. then i get myself set up. it's been a couple minutes and i look over at antonio, who is all of 10 feet away from me. well, much to my surprise i see that my son is quite contentedly chewing away on....the dog bone. i guess cornflower felt like sharing and brought the bone over for him to play with it. and the worst part is, i actually hesitated and pondered whether i should just let him chew on it another minute so i could finish pumping. he looked happy enough and he actually looked kind of cute. but don't worry, i quickly realized that letting your infant son chew a nylabone is not such a great idea.


Abuela said...

Ay, Dios mio! But that is ok. Andrew and Maggie have eaten dog food.

Tara said...

If a dog bone is the yuckiest thing he chews on in his life, you'll be very happy.