Tuesday, March 11, 2008


last week was very trying emotionally. a great job opportunity had presented itself to me, but alas, there was another candidate more qualified than myself.

thursday night we received a call that the father of one of our dearest friends was being admitted to hospice. he had been receiving treatment for cancer but had taken a rapid turn for the worst. he found peace only 12 hours after being admitted to hospice. lucy could use your prayers today as she has to bury her father.

we have been excited about the upcoming arrival of the baby of one of our other closest friends. they are pregnant and are due in july. her "big" ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby was last week, her first one. no first trimester ultrasound since she wasn't high risk. it was a bittersweet appointment. though they were blessed and excited to find out they are expecting a little boy, they also found out that she had been pregnant with twins and one had passed at what seems 15 weeks gestational age. i cannot even imagine. to want to feel joy for having a healthy little boy, but also want to mourn for a child that you didn't even know you had. she is being followed by a specialist for the duration of her pregnancy. at a second ultrasound on friday, the specialist said little stuart looks perfect, his words. we are praying for the saints' intercession that in about 20 more weeks, we all get to meet their son, healthy and happy.

after all this, i realized...things aren't so bad if the worst thing for us last week was that i didn't get a job i wanted. so i just thanked the Lord for all our blessings.

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Robyn said...

So sorry about the job, but it's awesome that you keep such perspective on life. I need to do more of that!