Saturday, October 18, 2008

like mother, like daughter

before antonio was born, i wondered what kind of parent i would be. my mom often teases me that i'm just like my dad in many ways. but this week i've caught myself doing so many things my mom used to do when i was growing up...

- antonio had a frustrating week at dinner time. he wouldn't eat anything. instead he would sit in his chair and scream at us. there weren't even any real tears. without thinking, i turned to my son one night and told him "te va a dar escorbuto por no comer".

- in part due to my frustration with antonio's poor eating this week, and yes, a little of the scurvy fear (i know it's ridiculous, but mami always made it seem so real), i was desperate for antonio to eat more fruit. his snack yesterday afternoon consisted of a sliced banana covered in sprinkles, just like mami used to give us. i don't think i've ever seen antonio so happy to eat a banana, though i must admit that at first he only licked off the sprinkles.

- i have an obsession with little gourds and those little, tiny, baby pumpkins. andres doesn't understand why i'm so drawn to them. and today at the pumpkin patch, as i looked over the gourds and wanted to bring home a basket full, it dawned on me. mami loves them too and always has them out during the fall. and don't forget pointsettias at christmas time. if i had my way, our fireplace hearth would be covered with pointsettias.

- every morning i put my pajamas under my pillow after i get dressed.

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Anonymous said...

You have learned well, mi querida hija. I smiled when I read your post.