Tuesday, November 25, 2008

promise to myself

i vow to no longer shop at walmart nor target.

target. i thought i was taking advantage of a great deal when i recently purchased a carseat online for less than 50 bucks, a carseat that is normally 300 dollars. oh no. the next day my order was canceled, with target claiming that the item had been mismarked. yeah, i'd believe you except that i know, for a fact, several women that bought the same carseat and received theirs within days of placing their order. not surprisingly, there are several new-in-box britax marathons listed on craigslist now, and they are not 50 bucks.

walmart. several weeks ago i ordered my nephew's christmas present online with free shipping to the store. another great deal, less than 7 dollars on something that i found closer to 10 at most stores. two days after the target carseat fiasco, i received an e-mail that i was getting a refund because the item was lost in the store. yeah right. today i went to walmart to just go buy it in the store and they had PLENTY, all marked at 10 dollars. not a great start to my trip to walmart. then i basically get accused of trying to steal when i'm checking out. if you know me, you know that that does NOT go over well with me. it all started with an incident at big boy with my mom when i was younger.

so, my new promise to myself is to no longer shop at either of these stores. so what if target is the easiest place to get the method brand cleaning products. i'll find some other all natural brand or just get stuff online. so what if the sweet potatoes were 25 cents a pound at walmart when yesterday i paid 43 cents at kroger. so not worth it. i'm sure the atlanta stells will do just fine without shopping at target or walmart.

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Tara @ Feels like home said...

I'm making a concerted effort to either handmake or buy handmade gifts from now for a lot of the same reasons. Check Etsy. You can find gazillions of great things there.