Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Proud of Antonio

This past weekend we went to see family in Panama City Beach, Florida. We had a great time, and were actually able to get in a few hours of sunlight, between the rain, at the beach and the pool. I was so proud of Antonio, playing on the beach made me realize how fast he is growing up. He was happily playing in the sand, and when we went down to the water with Julia Belén, he came with us, then decided that he would rather play in the sand back at our towels. So on his own, he found our towels and sat down to play. Later we went to the Ottinger's pool,  Antonio seemed a little hesitant about getting into the pool (since this was the first time since last summer), he finally warmed up to it, and eventually had the courage to go down the water slide (the bottom quarter of it). He did a very good job kicking to propel himself around the pool, which made me so proud. And you could tell he was proud of himself, at least with going down the slide. He would call out loudly "Mami" with a huge grin, so that Julia would watch him go down the slide. And he did a great job kicking around the pool.


Diana said...

Awww... Yay Antonio!

cyj said...

Happy Birthday Antonio! Que bien se te ve en la piscina.

Kate Loves Hats said...

Just looked at the rest of your panama city pics, they are awesome! My favorite might be the one of JB in her polka dot suit holding the shovel near her head!