Sunday, May 01, 2011

peeps be with you

as antonio has gotten older, i've loved watching how he participates more in the Mass.

he sings the alleluia. he kneels during the consecration. he shakes hands with people around us during the sign of peace.

the one part we still struggle with is the liturgy of the word. we cannot get him to sit still. even printing out the coloring page for the week, so that he has a coloring page pertaining to the gospe reading, he prefers to turn over the page and draw rocket ships on the blank side.

until today.

i couldn't believe how well he was paying attention during fr. zahuta's homily. as father spoke about jesus wishing us to find peace within us, antonio sat and listened. i was so proud.

and then, 5 minutes later, antonio turns to andrés with a smile, and asked if fr. zahuta was talking about peeps. as in marshmallow peeps.


Spence Ohana said...

That is the cutest Mass story ever! I didn't know about the Catholic Mom coloring page, thanks for sharing.

Sree said...

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