Friday, October 13, 2006

Papi's 60th birthday

A couple of weekends ago we went home for my father's 60th birthday. We were really excited about going to DC, I had been getting pretty homesick since we hadn't been there since April. It's funny. On the plane on the way there, I was talking to the guy sitting next to me, and he asked me if I was visiting or coming home. I said to him, "DC is home, but we live in Atlanta". What can I say, I lived in the same house for 22 years until I got married. I can't wait to move closer. With God's grace, Andres will be able to graduate next May and we'll sell our house quickly so we can move.

But anyways, back to the weekend. We had the extra bonus of my sister having had her 7th baby (little Agnes Christine) the day we arrived! So that meant her other 6 were staying with us at my parents' house. It was definitely a full house. My mom remarked how she was going from having to cook for only 2 people to cooking for 11!! We had a great time though.

Upon being picked up at the airport by my dad driving my sister's 15 passenger van, we went straight to the hospital to meet the newest addition to the family. Mom, dad, and baby were all healthy and happy. I'm glad we made the trek out to the hospital that night, because unfortunately it was the only time we got to see Marisa and Dave.

Saturday we went to a fall harvest festival in Fredericksburg. We had tons of fun there. There was a corn maze that we split into teams and raced through, my team won!!! There were baby pig races. I don't think the pigs knew they were racing. There was pumpkin cannons, swinging on ropes in to hay, big slides, and a hayride. Fun was had by all.

Sunday we celebrated Papi's birthday with a gourmet lunch that my mom prepared. It was super yummy. Papi was surprised to receive a wine cooler from all of us.

Andres had to go home Sunday evening, but I stayed an extra night and got to watch the Redskins game with my brother and dad. I donned my Darrell Green jersey that I got dirt cheap on e-bay and had fun watching the game with true football, Redskins fans. My husband likes football, but he doesn't quite get into it like I do. I guess since he hasn't had to cheer for a sorry team like the Redskins he just doesn't have the passion, yet. He's getting more into the games. But unlike us, when "his team" loses, it doesn't put him in a bad mood. And I put that in quotation marks because I tease that Andres is a bandwagon fan, which he gets mad abot somtimes. He just cheers for whatever team he lives near. He didn't really grow up watching football. He didn't even know who Emmit Smith was. He even thinks that I will let him cheer for the Eagles should we move to Philadelphia. So wrong. He doens't quite get the division rival thing yet. But anyways, fortunately the Redskins won, in over time. Very stressful game.

Monday, my parents and the kids and I had a picnic along the Potomac River off the GW parkway. The weather was beautiful. Then we went to Gravelly Point to see the airplanes take-off. It's been so long since I had been there. The kids did not seem to think it was as cool as I did, remarking that it was more fun at Abuela's house because there was "nothing to do" at Gravelly Point. And little almost 3-year-old Kay kept remarking there was no playground. I thought it was cool. It's impressive to see the planes take-off and think how man found the ability to fly.

Then it was time to head back to Atlanta. It was a great wekend and went by too quickly. It's always hard to leave.

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MyP said...

Andres y Juli,
We are very happy that you enjoyed your stay. We certainly did! By the way, the Family tree is great. Thank you for putting it together.