Monday, November 06, 2006


We know, it's been forever since we posted something. At least we've put up some photos from recent trips, including Cornflower's first camping trip. She loved camping and was a good campfire dog. As opposed to Equis who preferred to go sulk in the woods by himself. Things have been pretty busy. Medicaid cutbacks have made work a big paperwork nightmare. And Andres has been really busy with school. We're excited about going to Denver for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks to spend the holidays with Andres' parents.

Anwho, back to the subject of the post. Today, a co-worker of mine brought one of her patients back to the office and said, oh we're just getting some dittos. And it toally caught me off guard to hear someone use the term dittos when talking about worksheets. I just started laughing and the 2 of us decided that we should bring the term dittos back into style. How can you forget the smell of the purple ink and how it made your paper soggy. I remember how exciting it was go be the helper for the class and go make dittos and watching the wheel spin as it spewed out wet copies. Definitely made me feel a little older knowing what dittos meant.

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Maria said...

Oh yes, the privelege of being the helper...and the smell...God only knows what kind of damage that did to our little developing brains.