Monday, October 29, 2007

my latest obsession

children's books!!!! my goodness, it is sooo hard not to go crazy at the bookstore. and even though antonio is only 5 months old, i'm already starting to find favorites. the current frontrunner: tomie depaola. i remember the story of strega nona from when i was a kid and when i looked him up i found several other titles, including a mexican cinderella story. i love his illustrations in particular. fortunately, andres has been able to stay a step ahead of my obsession and yesterday we went to the library as a family where i ended up getting tons of books to read to antonio over the next few weeks. i'm looking forward to each and every tale and picture. what an adventure!!

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Maddy said...

Oh, Julia, just wait until he's older...I have the coolest Advent unit all centered around his books, very cool and so much fun.