Monday, October 08, 2007

Bike Commute on New Frame

I finally was able to ride my new frame today. It felt really good, made the hills easier. My only problem I had was that I guess I didn't tighten down the screw for the saddle enough, because for the first half of the ride, I was thinking how it was really weird, but it felt like the frame was pushing me backwards off of the seat. And I finally got to a point in the road where I could pull over to not have cars zipping right by me, and low and behold, my saddle was almost pointing up. So I had to loosen it, and then fix it, and then tighten it down. The second half of the ride felt much better, but due to my roadside tune-up of the saddle, I almost missed my bus, but was able to grab the very last seat before it left for midtown Atlanta.

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