Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the amazing race

several weeks ago we had to make a last minute trip to el paso. while trying to find tickets that were not outrageously priced, we found some on american airlines. we couldn't believe our luck at finding such a decent price at the last minute. well, unlucky for us we were flying out the day that all their cancellations began for plane inspections. we were supposed to leave tuesday night. we got bumped to wednesday morning. find out wendesday morning our connecting flight in dallas had been canceled. next available flight got us in at 10:00 pm on wednesday. this wasn't some leisurely vacation. we HAD to be in by 6:00 on wednesday. so here we are, 10:00 AM on wednesday, begging the ticketing agent to find ANYTHING. visions of contestants on the amazing race went through my head as we kept telling the lady "earlier, faster, this is very important". we had called my in-laws to see if they found anything online. it was 10:05 when they called back saying they found something that left at 11. the ticketing agent was doubtful that we would make the flight, but we insisted and ran across the airport to the delta counter. we begged for people to let us cut in line so we could check in. but we made the flight! we got terribly confused in the kansas city airport. then we had to run through denver to make our 30 minute layover. but we made it el paso at 5:30 on wednesday. and shortly after we landed they closed the el paso airport secondary to high winds. we really had our guardian angels looking out for us making sure we got there in time.

so claudia, submit the tape. amazing race would be cake.

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