Saturday, August 06, 2011


if you want to know what sort of day we had, here's a few things you would have overheard be said at our house today:

"the lawnmower just ran of out of gas"
"the coffee spilled over"
"she won't stop screaming" (talking about julia belén, not me)
"did you remember to drop off my library book?" (no)
"do you think it needs stitches?"
"your computer is not ready" (after driving half an hour in traffic to get there when they told me yesterday it would be done)
"you know that will take over an hour to cook" (said at 6:30 about a pork loin we were going to have for dinner)
"the propane tank (for the grill) just ran out"
"i think the cheese is burning"
"will the paper catch on fire?"
"do you need to throw up?"

and we haven't even started baths and bedtime for the kids yet. it is 8:45.

lovely day.

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