Monday, January 28, 2008

a non-answer is better than a bad answer

like tara commented, sometimes as parents we can know too much for our own good. the past 2 weeks antonio has been doing this weird thing with his tongue where he keeps his mouth open and you can see his little tongue quivering. at first i attributed it to some sort of food allergy. but even after removing suspected trigger foods, i could see his little tongue trembling. i finally decided to call the doctor today after it was at its worst this past weekend. given my profession and education, i know what sorts of serious things that a quivering tongue is signs of. but i don't know enough to know that it can be normal. so off to the pediatrician we went. after spending about 10-15 minutes with us, the diagnosis was....

nothing to be concerned about. he couldn't give me a reason for it (he doesn't think it's food allergies), but didn't think it was anything bad. i'm the type of person that likes answers so it was a little frustrating to not know why he does it. but my parents gave me great advice when i talked to them afterwards...a non-answer is better than a bad answer.

so true.


Tara said...

We got a non-answer of sorts at the doctor's today, too, so you aren't alone.

The next time you're worried about something Antonio is or is not doing, send me your $20 copay and I'll tell you that I don't know what's wrong. :)

julia said...

that would actually save me money. :)