Tuesday, January 29, 2008

12 steps

1. arrive at the car and unlock the doors.

2. lock the stroller brakes. a very important step that must not be skipped. ask me how i know this.

3. buckle baby into carseat.

4. place diaper bag in the back seat.

5. remember that your phone and wallet are in the diaper bag (since the diaper bag now is your purse) and put them in the front seat so that they are accessible.

6. quickly retrieve pacifier from diaper bag for crying baby who's tired of waiting.

7. place shopping bags in the backseat.

8. fold the stroller. yes, this merits its own step.

9. place stroller in the trunk.

10. replace pacifier for still crying baby.

11. quickly run around to the driver's seat and hop in.

12. finally go on your way.

and this is why, when you think you should have enough time to do any sort of errand, you never do.


Tara said...

I have no solution, but I also feel your pain. On the other hand, having a baby has allowed me to stick to my budget much better than ever before. It's such a pain to go shopping. (The horrors of even allowing that thought to enter my consciousness!)

Anonymous said...

We are still stuck in step #9...