Sunday, February 03, 2008

a new perspective

the time to babyproof is fast approaching as antonio is slowly figuring out how to wiggle himself forward on his belly. to be prepared, i went to babies r us on friday to get a few basics. a baby gate, outlet covers, etc. however, it is almost impossible to go to babies r us and leave only with what you had planned. i got sucked into the toys section. and naturally, i was convinced that antonio needed a few "educational" toys that taught letters and numbers.

by the time i got home, i was rethinking my toy purchases. did he really need maracas that count? or a drum that says the alphabet? no. so i returned them the next day. i didn't have all the leapfrog toys to help you learn to read by the time you turn 3. but i still learned to read. and i love to read.

i'd rather have antonio use his imagination with simple toys. you can get one simple toy that a child can find a million ways to play with or you can buy a cheap plastic toy that does one thing. what do you think they'll play with longer?

my new realization that simple, preferably natural, toys are the way to go was further confirmed last night. antonio happily played for 30-45 minutes with a plastic duplo container. it gave me such delight watching him figure out that he can bang the sides like a drum, reach for blocks inside it, or make funny sounds by talking and squealing into it. he's already learning how to use his imagination.


Marisa said...

So true Julia!

katy kat said...

how have I never been to your blog before?