Tuesday, February 05, 2008

what's a $1.30?

apparently it's the premium that the grocery store charges to buy scallions pre-sliced.

all i needed as i stopped at the store on my way home was 1 bunch of scallions to put over the top of the jambalaya pasta i was making for dinner (happy mardi gras everyone!). ordinarily 70 cents.

of course when you only need ONE thing at the grocery store, they don't have it. so i thought, oh, i'll just get the pre-sliced ones. i'm sure it's not that much more expensive. wrong. it was TWO DOLLARS!! i may be a little irresponsible when it comes to shopping, but even i am not THAT bad. so i left. andres and i would have to do without the scallions.

i felt further justified as i thought to myself on the way home what $1.30 really is. here's my list so far.

$1.30 can buy each of these separately...

- a dozen eggs
- 3 jars of baby food (which is actually 6 servings for antonio)
- 2 heads of broccoli
- a bunch of bananas
- 12 packages of ramen noodles :)

seriously, have we become so lazy that we will choose to buy pre-sliced green onions (which don't even required peeling i might add) over fresh fruits and vegetables?


Marisa said...

When apples go on sale for a dollar a pound you can get about 4 apples.
A loaf of bread.
A can, maybe two of beans...certainly 2 bags of dried beans
baking soda
A can of tuna
Should I go on? This is kind of cool and a really good exercise in looking at where we are putting our money.

nicole said...

I hear you. DH always wonders why I don't bring home what he asked for because I refuse to pay every price for something.

Carol said...

I've been known to pay that for diced white onions. For the longest time I couldn't chop onions because I'd cry so bad the knife was a hazard to my fingers. (Yes, I've tried every trick you've ever heard of.) Then I married my very own onion-chopper Ah, the perks!