Monday, February 25, 2008

Breakfast at Tony's

This morning when I was done getting ready and was going to go downstairs to eat breakfast and feed the dogs, Antonio woke up and was all smiles to see me. So I brought him downstairs and he kept me company while I made and ate breakfast. It was wonderful having him tell me about his dreams, his thoughts, what the dogs were doing and who knows what else this morning. The he later went back to sleep with Julia when I left to ride my bike to work. I hope this is a habit that Antonio starts doing more often. It definitly made my morning special that he decided to wake up and keep me company.


Raquel said...

So - has he made this more of a habit now? :) Sounds great sharing your morning with him.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Julia, I am also big into buying clothes. And I have two older dds!! I've had to calm it down and only get what I need or unless it is very pink and pretty or roses I give in.

BTW I think you know that we are doing an ongoing thread on BC for our bloggers. If you'd like to be included in a siggy we are asking that you email Anelys with a picture of you the mom and the names of the los with their birthdate, thanks!!

The Garske's said...

You have been tagged! Read my blog to see what it means!!