Saturday, February 23, 2008

march madness

my name is julia and i am addicted to buying baby clothes. i am often teased that antonio is my own personal "barbie" doll, and i get to play fashion show. it is not uncommon for him to go through more than 2 outfits day just because i feel like it. he does have a pretty decent closet. and yes, marisa, i can probably tell you every single thing in it. but how can one resist all the teeny little boy outfits?!

well, i must learn how to resist. you know you have a problem when the UPS man comes twice to your house in the same day, and also the fedex man. i actually dreaded opening the last package yesterday. it was like strega nona's pot of spaghetti except it was teeny madras shorts, white linen pants, and hawaiian shirts. baby boy outfits just kept spewing out.

so believe it or not, i have vowed not to buy antonio any clothes at all for the month of march (well, except for one consignment sale i had planned on going to. and even then, i will go with cash and have a limit). you can stop laughing and rolling your eyes now. i know i can do this. it won't be easy for me, but i know i can do it. i should take advantage of the weather and go outside more, not go to the mall. i don't think antonio will mind wearing the same outfit all day long.

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Tara said...

I agree. He will survive, and so will you. :)

Do you think leaving my kid in her jammies all day long is going too far in the other direction?