Wednesday, February 06, 2008


andres and i are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market. we definitely need to declutter. there are many things that we can put away and live without for a short time. but there are also many with which we cannot.

i'm sitting here watching a show about getting your house ready to sell. you know, one of those shows where they want your home to look like no-one actually lives there. nothing on the kitchen counter, no photos, no toys, no dog beds, no crucifixes. they even put away a baby's booster seat!

i'm sorry, but i have to live in this house. my husband has to live in this house. my son has to live in this house. even the dogs have to live in this house. i will NOT take down the crucifixes. i will NOT put away antonio's booster seat or exersaucer (as space occupying as it may be). i will NOT eat on paper plates for the next few weeks just to keep the kitchen a little cleaner. and if it means making $500 less on the sale of the house, then too bad. i think it's a small price to pay for being able to live in your own home.


katy kat said...

My parents did this to us everytime we moved growing up! It was awful! i'm glad you're gonna keep stuff out :) Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(intentional !!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys moving?
-- Maria T.

Carol said...

I'm excited that I just found your blog! I've never had to put a house on the market, but I can imagine it would be more than mildly inconvenient to keep it show-ready, even without an 8-month old! Good luck!