Tuesday, March 06, 2007

golden pig

so this is the year of the pig. but my brother made me aware of the fact that it's not just any pig year this year. it's the year of the GOLDEN pig. apparently it only happens once every 600 years. supposed to be very good luck and those born in the year of the golden pig will have a life of good fortune and prosperity. it was keeping this in mind that i decided to buy a lottery ticket today. a bunch of coworkers and i went in together and got 10 tickets for tonight's drawing, a record 370 million. come on golden pig!!

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Claudia and company said...

Actually, it is the year of the FIRE pig. Apparently,there were lots of women who wanted to have babies this year because they thought it was the golden pig and perhaps their math was a little off. There was an article on NPR about it....don't worry though Fire Pigs are supposed to be just as fun and fortunate.