Saturday, March 03, 2007

like a kid in a candy store

last weekend andres and i went to target. we were really there to get a bunch of non-toxic cleaning supplies (guess who's influence). but we ended up just going through the baby section and the toy section, just to see. it was so cute to see how andres' eyes lit up when we found this whole section that had little dragon and knight action figures/figurines. i don't know if we've mentioned this before but the theme of our nursery is a sort of enchanted kingdom type theme. dragons, knights, castles, etc. andres was so excited that he decided that we had to register at target right then and there. and sure enough we registered for a bunch of little jousting knights and dragons for our son. i think it's hard for andres sometimes because since he doesn't experience all the physical changes, i feel like he feels left out some of the time. so it was so sweet to watch because andres knew he was picking stuff out for his son.

just like how at night when andres reads to his son, he can feel our little monster kicking when he hears his father's voice. andres loves it and i'm really happy that he gets to experience that bonding already.


Marisa said...

Yes, imagine my surprise when I went to check what you had registered for and lo and behold a bunch of knights and dragons popped up on my screen. I knew right away Andres had the time of his life.

Diana said...

That is so sweet!