Saturday, March 03, 2007

life changes

i did it! i bought our first pack of diapers today! you think to yourself, 10 bucks for 40 diapers, not too bad. but then i remind my husband that this one pack of diapers will probably only last about 3 days. so much for decreasing our carbon footprint.

it's slowly becoming more and more real that this is actually happening. we are having a son! it's just so hard to believe sometimes. but it's little things like this that remind me how having a baby is really changing our life. it took a lot of willpower, but i passed on buying cookies, frozen pizza, and other non-necessity groceries because i wanted to get the diapers instead. (i couldn't pass on the ice cream, but that is truly a necessity these days and my little cookie monster is demanding it. how can i deny my son his ice cream? after all, if i wasn't getting him his cookies, he should at least get his ice cream.)

i can't believe it's only about 3 months to go! hopefully he'll have a name by the time he is born.

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