Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Smith Carter Interview

Friday March 9th was the Georgia Tech Architectural Career Fair. It went really well, and as an outcome of the fair I have been talking with a few firms here in Atlanta. My first interview was yesterday, and I was really happy with how it went, and really liked the firm. It was with Smith Carter Architects. They are based out of Canada, but have an office here. They do work all over the world, and due to me speaking spanish, I may get to work on the jobs in Mexico and Brazil, and get to go out there for client meetings and site visits. They do primarily lab buildings, as you can see from their website, but they are attempting to make the buildings as sustainable as possible. Which is a admirable challenge, as lab and medical buildings use a lot of resources just in their daily functions. I see trying to make these buildings green as an exciting challenge.

Tomorrow morning is my next one, hopefully it goes just as well.


Eislana said...

good luck with your interview!

Diana said...

Wow. Smith Carter sounds AWESOME. Good luck with all your interviews and I hope you get the position you want. :)