Monday, August 28, 2006

Concentration: Urban Renewal | Sustainability

Well, I have finally decided/ figured out what my concentration is in architecture. About time, as I have just started my second and hopefully final year for my master's in architecture. It's urban renewal and sustainability. I realized that one thing that I have always I wanted to work with is the integration of architecture with the environment. I see sustainability as a good way to integrate that with designing buildings that have a less impact on our resources and help combat the global climate change. As to the urban renewal, I see that as a way designing places that are healthier and make more sense. Both Julia and I loved the idea of being able to walk to the majority of the things we need, such as grocery store, and restaurants that we found in New York when we visited Carlos. The trip is what helped me realize that that is an ideal that I want to strive to achieve. Things do not have to be as dense as New York per say, but be laid out in a manner that is more prone to walking and have a sense of center. I want to move away from the sprawl that we see plaguing many cities and hopefully design urban centers which will lead to healthier happier lives.

The true test is to see if when I look back on this in a few years if I am still working towards or attaining these ideals. We shall see. (This is partly why Julia and some of our pt friends say that I am pushing for us to change our lights out to compact fluorescent , and am on my "green" kick.)


Andres & Julia Stell said...

I don't understand architect speak. Seriously, who talks like that? You should see some of the syllabi from Andres' classes!

Marisa said...

I was listening to a forum on the rebuilding of New Orleans yesterday and I was thinking about this very issue. One of the guys heading things up down there is an architect and he mentioned, somewhat in passing because his time was limited, ideas about rebuilding that were community centered throughout the city. Honestly, I thought about Andres as I listened to him. I feel myself going on a green kick too actually. My current goal is to get rid of all the harsh chemical cleaners in the house and mix my own (vinegar, water, tree tea oil, which apparently is an amazing antiseptic). My only problem is convincing Dave who never met an industrial cleanser he didn't love.
Of course, this goes for the food category too, though the logisitics of feeding a lrage family make this a little bit trickier. But I'm working on it.