Thursday, August 17, 2006

The prodigal dog

So it hasn't quite been the Summer of Equis. It was actually more like George Costanza's. The summer started off just fine, but then Equis decided he would have his own adventure while we were in New York City.

The day after we had left, we received a call from the kennel that Equis has escaped. Don't ask us how. But he got away. And he was missing for 3 days before an old man in an apartment called the police thinking someone was trying to break into his house.

It was our dog, who had dragged himself to the front door of this man's house.

He was injured when he was found, the vet thinks he had been hit by a car. So alas, this was not the summer of Equis. He spent the next 5 weeks with his dislocated shoulder in a splint and non-weightbearing, as well as healing up from a large wound on his left front leg, and getting used to not having rear molars (from being knocked out by whatever hit him). And the next month his activity is confined. Poor Cornflower is the one who's summer was truly ruined, as we haven't been able to go to the dog park or go camping. She's driving us crazy with all her energy. Not to mention Julia had to miss out on Brent and Ana's wedding in Los Angeles to take care of a gimpy dog. But, we are thankful to have him back and he is slowly but surely recovering well. It was a crazy way to start our summer.

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