Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Long day

Today was a long day. Started out with BFN today which was really disappointing.

Then Equis was really bad on his walk and refused to go to the bathroom. So I left him with a warning that if he went in the house he'd be in big trouble.

At least the drive to work was uneventful.

At work, though, I noticed a horrible smell as soon as I walked in the door. Apparently, one of the owners decided we would paint in the clinic last night, right by our desks. The fumes were AWFUL. I almost came home early because they made me so sick. I wish I had because my last kid of the day had a total meltdown. Now, there are only a couple things that I ABSOLUTELY do put up with from my kiddos (patients). One is raising their voice at me. I will not allow some "mocoso" to yell at me. The other is hitting me, or any other type of physical aggression. So little "Bob" went on immediate time out when he hit me because he didn't feel like wearing ankle weights. Well, trying to get a kiddo with Asperger's to sit quietly and face the wall is harder than it sounds. You would have thought I was beating the child when all I was asking was that he keep still and quiet and facing the wall. I mean, he was sobbing, hitting, kicking, throwing the chair. At one point, he starts throwing himself on me and moans "I'm dying!". He was breaking my heart. I hate when my kiddos get so out of control, I just feel so bad for them because they really have crossed a point in which they have absolutely no control. Any type of reasoning or consoling is almost hopeless. It made me scared about raising my own kids. I don't know if I'll have the strength not to just pick them up just so they stop crying.

At least my drive home wasn't bad.

Well, we decided earlier in the day that we really wanted spaghetti for dinner. So we start defrosting ground beef in the microwave. Well, I don't know if it's because I didn't take it out of the plastic bag first or because our freezer broke 2 weeks ago so some of our meat started to thaw and then refroze, but something STANK. We decided it was completely unedible. It was already past 7 so we didn't want to start over. So after debating whether we should order out Italian or just make something at home, we decided on saving some money and having chicken nuggets. So we turned on the oven and went to walk to dogs. Now remember, Equis did not poop this morning. So we were sure he had to go on his evening walk. Well, he was SO bad. He saw another dog and then refused to go to the bathroom. We tried to make him go for at least 20 minutes. It was no go. So if he tries to wake us up in the middle of the night because he's desperate, we wil not be happy campers.

Then we come inside to find that the oven is cold. Not that it's not done preheating, but cold. No heat whatsoever. Which sucks because we just spent about 200 bucks to get the fridge fixed, and then had to get new tires for the car. So not excited about having to get the oven fixed now.

I guess the evening was salvaged in part by the fact that we did get our spaghetti in the end. We figured it was destined for us to have Italian takeout. It was really yummy and I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day.

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