Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jesus' favorite color is blue

So this morning I had an orientation session for the CCD class I will be teaching this year at church. It started off with a 9 am mass. During the homily, Fr. Chito (yes, it's pronounced like the cheese snack) told us to take joy in our teaching. Now, I was a little hesistant to teach the 5 year olds this year. I taught the 4 year olds last year and there were several times in which it just seemed like glorified day care. But listening to Father Chito made me realize how much joy I did take in teaching the younger class. I remember little Matthew asking me what I thought baby Jesus' favorite color was so he could make him a birthday card (he decided on his own that it was blue). I'm now looking forward to another year of working with the little ones and the things that they'll ask that I'll never forget.

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