Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Picnic in the park

Equis had his first outing since his injury the other day! We went to Petapalooza, a day of music and pet demonstrations at a park near our house. We had a great time and Equis did really well. He still has trouble walking more than a couple hundred yards. He's still up to his old tricks though. The moment Andres turned away from his sandwich, Equis decided he would have a taste.

Cornflower was "en su gloria" as we'd say in spanish. She really wanted to get in on all the frisbee dog and flyball action. We want to try to train her to catch Frisbees, she can get some mad air when she jumps. Of course, we should probably train her to stay first. There's no telling what she'd do off her leash in a big open place. She'd probably just run in circles chasing other dogs, let alone catch a frisbee. And personally, we don't feel like having to chase after her. She can move.

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HeadintheClouds said...

Good stuff!

I enjoy the blog, Julia. Keep it coming!